A Daw To Draw @ Central-Reservation 17 April 2010

-MEET 7-

Hello everyone! What a fantastic day was had by all at A Day To Draw on Saturday at Central-Reservation. Sunshine and a great venue ensured a fun-filled day of drawing and we so much enjoyed chatting with all you happy people - it was lovely to see so many new faces!

A really big thank you to all those who helped throughout the day and evening. See you next time, two weeks from now for a regular Drawing Club session (location to be confirmed).

Nice one Dave Bain for your input and general greatness! And thanks for all the lovely signs. To all those who haven't yet seen Dave's blog, you should because it's great: http://davebainlatest.blogspot.com/

A big thanks to the Drawn Recordings lads, who put on a wicked show and concluded an event filled day on a high. We look forward to collaborating with these guys again in the future. You can find out more about what they do at: http://www.drawnrecordings.com

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