Life Drawing @ Spike Island 19 October 2010

-MEET 15-

Lots of lovely drawings created yesterday evening, Spike Island proved to be such a wonderful location for life drawing. We hope to do it again soon! Thanks Emily for organising it!  


  1. I'll second that - it was great drawing in such a big space (life drawing classes traditionally seeming to take place in rooms only slightly larger than a shoebox) and it was nice having all those materials to hand too. It was an inspired idea having the model (thanks Mr Model!) moving around at the end -kind of infuriating but really useful to be forced to draw/think that quickly. Top marks all round and I hope you get to put on some more classes.

  2. It was well worth the soaking walking down there... and I was soaked :)
    I'm definatly up for more...
    Got som eof mine up here if anyone's interested:
    Thank you BDC!