Big Draw @ Spike Island! 06/10/12 PROGRAMME

In keeping with this year's theme '2012 in lines' we will be leading experiments in depicting spaces and actions through animation, architectural sketches and other ways of drawing.

12.00 Drop-in activities begin (collaborative wall-drawings, window drawing etc)

12.30 - 1.30pm 'Building Places' - Collaborative drawing exercise, constructing imaginary places inspired by existing architectural and geographical reference material.

2.00pm  'Perspective Workshop' - Led by Lucas Facer, recent graduate from UWE and currently Assistant Architect at AWW Architects in Bristol. This workshop will be exploring the basic theory of perspective through architectural drawing in a fun and interesting way...Accurate perspective drawing is an often misunderstood science, yet exploring the skill of accurately conveying perspective in drawing is an important aspect of improving technique .

Starting in the studio at Spike Island, Lucas will first help you understand the basic principles of perspective, starting with the vanishing point of a basic shape, how to convey it accurately through drawing, as well as showing you what tricks there are to make it easier. You will then discover and learn the easy rules behind creating a much more complex perspective drawing. Then, weather permitting, you will go for a short walk around the docks and find some interesting places to draw, putting your newly found perspective drawing skills to the test!

3.00 - 4.00pm 'Drawing Descriptions' - Drawing exercise involving drawing solely based on a description of a place. The challenge will then be to identify the place in question!

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