BDC @ The Looking Glass, 28 February 2013

–MEET 41–

Hey there you drawing lovers!

Much fun and drawing bliss was experienced at our 41st Drawing Meet at Bristol's fabulous new arts and events venue The Looking Glass Arts Bar & Gallery. So the head count was very healthy, and we had to take over every table in the place, but hey, that's what happens when the drawing gets going! We saw so many fantastic drawings, that it's been hard to condense it for the blog but a big well done to everyone is certainly due, and it was wonderful as always to see some familiar faces tucked in amongst the crowd.

As promised, we made sure that our February event was not on a Tuesday for a change so that those of you usually unable to attend had a chance to make it this time! How did Thursday work out for you all? Let us know what you like and we will do our best to make it happen!

See you soon, BDC x

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